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Heidi and her husband Kevin moved to Upper Arlington when their firstborn, Xander, was less than a year old. They sought the best place to raise their family and chose Upper Arlington for its exceptional schools and charming neighborhoods.

They bought one of the earliest homes built in Upper Arlington, and that inspired Heidi to learn more about the history of the city and join the Upper Arlington Historical Society, which she currently volunteers for.
Heidi and her two children have worked with their neighbors over the years to build increasingly complicated floats for the Upper Arlington 4th of July parade. Celebrating holidays with friends and neighbors is one of Heidi’s cherished memories of raising children in UA.
Munc family vacations
When they are not in UA, Heidi and her family enjoy exploring off the beaten path places to meet new people and find adventure.

At work, Heidi leads a large User Experience team for an Insurance and Financial Services Mutual organization. She has decades of experience bringing people together to create better outcomes. Heidi has successfully demonstrated the value of using design thinking to solve business problems in large organizations. She is a tireless advocate for both user-centered design and the power of using design techniques to solve complex problems. This same process can be used to make our great city even better.

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