The Issues

Building on our strong foundation

As a member of the City Council, Heidi will focus on the following issues:

Balancing progress and preservation

Upper Arlington enjoys our reputation as a premier city in part due to our strong sense of family tradition and community values. In the next 25 years, Central Ohio is projected to add one million new residents. This growth will impact every suburb of Columbus. Heidi will work to meet the changing needs of Upper Arlington residents while also honoring and preserving the strong sense of community our city enjoys.

Fostering a welcoming, accessible community for families of all ages

Heidi moved to UA because she and her husband decided it was the best place in Central Ohio to raise a family. Upper Arlington is stronger because of our mix of generational families and new residents. Heidi will work to make certain all new families feel as welcome as she did when she first arrived.

Driving strategic economic development

As growth in Central Ohio outpaces the rest of the state, Upper Arlington has an opportunity to sustainably build on our strong foundation. As a council member, Heidi will work tirelessly to make the most of this unique opportunity to balance residential and commercial properties for the betterment of Upper Arlington residents.

Ensure responsible tax dollar management

Working for a mutual corporation (where the customers own the company) for close to two decades, Heidi understands the importance of making the most out of every dollar. On City Council, Heidi will work to ensure that the hard-earned taxes our community pays are used in the most efficient manner.
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Leadership UA (School Board begins at 1:06:42, Passcode LM0+n2?F)

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